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Hey y’all! So I recently came across another great product and I wanted to share. I have been put on to these new and affordable foundation sticks that are sold in Ulta. They’re from a brand called Makeup Revolution! Makeup Revolution is a drug store brand that is fairly new on the makeup scene, and a lot of your fav gurus, artists, and influencers are giving it a try. Makeup Revolution has palettes, foundations, concealers, and a lot of other great things. I tried out the concealers and had a good experience with them, so I decided to give their foundation sticks a try as well!

Please keep in mind that this is just an INITIAL REVIEW, so my thoughts and feelings on this product might change once I start using them on clients.


But, nonetheless, so far so good! The first thing I noticed was the great price point on these. The foundations sell for $9 each and come in 18 shades. For all my chocolate girls, I am happy to say that they have a great shade range for us! This is especially great for MUAs that are still working on building their kit and need to buy foundations in bulk. I bought 7 shades just to start off. I have the shades F2, F8, F12, F13, F15, F16, & F18. I felt like this would give me a good all around range of shades to start with. The second thing I noticed about these babies is the consistency of the product. The foundation swatches very smoothly, and it blends easy and efficiently with a damp beauty blender. I think this is really great because I find that some foundation sticks take forever to blend out on the face. You can also use it in your quick morning routine without having to worry about it taking too long!

Overall, I will say that I am pleased with these foundations so far, but I won’t REALLY be able to tell you guys until I test them out on my clients! Below, you can see swatches of the foundations with and without flash. I will be back with an updated review next week! Stay tuned! ❤️




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