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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

For a long time, I’ve struggled to find the perfect bronzer for deep skin tones. I ended up doing some research on my own, and a lot of people were talking about the Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer in “Ebony”. I have been using it for a couple months now, and I must say I LOVE this bronzer. It comes in a deep reddish-brown color, and works perfectly for bringing some color back into the face after baking and setting. It adds such a radiant, warm glow to the skin. I use this bronzer for all of my chocolate women. One thing that sucks about this bronzer though, is the fact that it can be EXTREMELY difficult to find. I think that Covergirl stopped selling the Queen Collection in a lot of stores, so it’s going to be a really rare find in your local drug store. You would probably have to buy online which sucks because it’s a bit more expensive online. I bought mine on Amazon for $13. In the drugstore it runs for $6. If you can find it in the drugstore PLEASE let me know!


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