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god as the ceo

The Soft Slay Specialist is a faith-based makeup artistry given to key artist Samantha Brielle Booker by God. It's not just an artistry, but a ministry. It is our goal to always be led by the teaching, guidance, and leading of the Holy Spirit, and to spread the love, joy, peace and gospel of Jesus Christ.

the brand


/sôft slā/

An effortless, timeless, luxurious makeup application. 

The Soft Slay Specialist brand was given to
me by God. Not only does it encompass my love for soft, minimal, luxurious makeup, but my passion to share God's love and compassion to every woman that sits in my chair.   

A soft slay is so much more than a "Natural Glam" or "Soft Glam"-- it's about technique and the way the makeup is

A soft slay is so much more than the makeup. It describes how women can live their lives. So many of us idolize our outer appearance. The way we wear our hair, nails, and makeup define us. Through this brand, I aim to change and elevate the way women see themselves-- by encouraging them to understand how God sees them. 

The Soft Slay Specialist has duality. Changing lives and the industry one face at a time. 


woman of god, your identity is not found in vanity. 

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